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703 W, Seventh Avenue
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UnderCliff House
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Spokane, Wa 

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Kenneth J Zutter is a Wholistic Health Care provider in the Spokane, Wa area providing wellness in Mind, Body and Spirit. Wholistic healthcare services include Balance Point Massage Therapy, Vibrational Yoga & Meditation, Wellness and Self Mastery Coaching, Nutrition Consultation & Medical Intuitve Consultations.

Balance Point Massage Therapy is a unique massage method that is only provided by Kenneth J Zutter. Balance Point Massage Therapy is an integrative style that goes beyond swedish and deep tissue. Kenneth integrates massage techniques that systematically goes through the body reprogramming muscles, stretching and opening the body to a more balanced state of correct posture, freedom of movement and pain; harmonizing wholistically...Mind, Body & Spirit...while opening the energy channels and lines throughout the body with transformational effects that last longer than typical massage. The integrative methods of Balance Point Therapy include emotional and stress release, healthy flow and circulation of the body generating nutritive cells and healing energy throughout the entire system. Kenneth provides a spiritual blessing, healing energy work, chakra balancing and maintains a healing intent with meditative focus that brings the clients awareness to new heights and inner peace.  All clients are draped professionally and held with high pure healing intention with ethics and authenticity. 

Balance Point Therapy takes you as the client from wherever you are and points to balance in a guided wholistic method with each session. Kenneth J Zutter Lmp recommends drinking good clean water after each session and in between sessions to help eliminate waste and toxins the system is releasing for elimination as a whole. Replacing nutritional foods of Organic fruits and vegetables is key in supporting and advancing the healing properties active within you as you progress on your journey of health and wellness in perfect Balance.

Three (3) Balance Point Masage Therapy sessions are recommended within a six (6) to nine (9) week period for optimal results. monthly maintenance is often easily accepted for continual progress in Balance Point Therapy after the 3 initial sessions. Some individuals may differ depending on unique individuals wholistic healing pathway. Massage may or may not be a part of your wholistic healing path. Ask Kenneth about which pathway is right for you.


Massage License# MA 60178638