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Vibrational Yoga Classes




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Exploring the inner core vibration and balancing mind, body and soul

Experience yoga in a whole new way.. using your own inner core
vibrations and the connection with the oneness of all. Vibrational Yoga
instructed by Kenneth Jeremy Zutter brings a harmonious balance in your
mind, body and soul.
Explore your inner self and connect with higher vibrations while
balancing and restoring your body through postures designed for all levels
of aspiring yogi’s. Whether your new to yoga or have been doing yoga and
are looking for something new.. Vibrational Yoga is available for you.

Vibrational Yoga is a contemporary style of yoga that brings ancient methods of achieving inner peace and inner atunement in a modern method that can be fun for all.  

Yoga means "union" and many methods of yoga are focused on union with source and attaining inner peace and taking the inner journey and meditation. Vibrational yoga integrates styles that include nada, bhajan, sound yogas and jyoti light yogas with mantra, shakti yogas to name a few all while being its own unique method of seeking and achieving union.

Hatha yoga is the most popular understanding of yoga in our western culture. In general it refers to the physical body method of stretching and toning the body.. the primary purpose is to open the energy lines for deepening ones yoga practice in a meditative form and practice for attainment of spiriptual realiazation and union with ones individual spiritual source.

Vibrational yoga brings a metaphysical understanding to the yoga practice. Maintains a diverse acceptance and individualizes the practioners experience for a deeper connection, and inner peace and wellness. 

Body postures or (asanas) stretching the body is integrated with the vibrational work of using sound, mind and breathe. As the practing yogi or sudent of vibrational yoga advances or chooses the practice can be completly meditative without body postures. 

Persons finding meditation difficult and challenging often enjoy the new approach that Vibrational Yoga offers and allows the busy minded individual to access a place of peace with ease and comfort.

Keneth J Zutter provides classes with body work and meditative classes using the unique style of Vibrational Yoga he has been guided to teach for your highest good. To find out more contact Kenneth using the contact link or sign up and try a class to experience for yourself. 

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Pricing: $15 / Class ($10 first class)    5 class cards available / $50